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    3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Hey hey hey look what it is a game dev update seen one of those in a while now have ISmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

    So maybe I’ve been a bit inactive game dev wise lately but that’s okay I’m back now at it with a update featuring my latest game crashy tracks!

    First off let’s start with the basics
    -three new tracks (5 in total)
    -4 new cars (5 in total)
    -implemented ads throughout the game

    Now we can move on to the first big topic!

    AI-in every level the AI is your speed-3 this helps to balance out difficulty(it very important ngl!)

    Next off we got

    The stores-the store system is basically exactly copyed from one life one goal I decided to make the currency your laps you can earn laps by completing laps in your tracks! You also have a option to watch ads to get Laps. Laps can be used to buy tracks and cars!

    Last but not least we have

    The cars-depending on which car you have your stats will stats consists of these variables (speed, reverse, control, boost type, hits resistance) I won’t get into all them but they’re pretty self-explanatory. And here are the boosted types (speed,jump)

    and that’s it for this one I know it’s pretty long and I hope you enjoyed what I added I don’t exactly know when I’m going to release this game cuz I don’t have a developer’s license on the Google play store yet but hopefully its before September 8th Thanks for all the support 😊

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