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 Game Features –  SURVIVAL MODE

One Life One Goal has, at the moment, two game modes survival and campaign. lets start with survival mode. As the name suggest the main goal within survival mode is to survive for as long as you can while fighting off enemy AI and collecting coins over time. Coins can be used for lots of thing’s in the store, more information on that below in the store section.


Camaign mode is where most of the gameplay for One Life One Goal is. With 40 different fun levels all with different intractable’s like targets, lava, and teleporters. While playing in campaign mode make sure to keep a look out for other weapons hidden around the map. If you find one make sure to touch or shoot it to unlock it!


The store is a key component in game. In the store there are 3 shops the power up shop, the gun shop, and the face shop. Lets start with the power up shop. In the power up shop you can buy speed boost’s or jump boost’s! You can continue to buy them until you max them out at 30 boost points. Next the gun shop, In the gun shop you can buy all the weapons but first you will have to unlock them in campaign mode and you will need coins from survival mode to buy them. Now the face shop, you might be wondering what you can buy here. Well you can buy new faces for your enemy’s to make them look cool! at the moment there are only two.

Why This Game Stands Out

One Life One Goal is a FPS game with two game modes fourty-three levels and tons of weapons. The game is also created by a first time game creator and solo dev.

Other Details

Game Modes: Single Player
Platforms: Windows
Genres: Action, FPS
Language: English
Version: 1.0
Developer: Plowpowdevs
Publisher: Plowpowdevs
Released: July 20th, 2020
Space Required: 157mb

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