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Space Junk is an arcade shooter where you blast garbage and magnetize metal trash into your ship! Take on the role of a Space Junk Operative and work in zero-gravity to clean up orbital debris! 10 challenging stages. 10 different music tracks. Over 30 minutes of original game play. Play again to beat your high scores. 

“The year is 2054. Orbital debris is at critical levels and someone must take action. That someone is you! Empty Space Incorporated was created to clean up all the space junk orbiting the planet and make a profit in the process. Your training starts now. Good luck, Space Junker.” 

Made with Unity exclusively for Oculus Go.

Why This Game Stands Out

Space Junk is an exciting VR space junk shooter and collecting game. Not many times can you type that sentence. It is a ton of fun in a nice looking VR setting in space. So get shootin space cadet.

Other Details

Game Modes: Single Player
Supported Controller: Oculus Go Controller
Platform: Oculus Go
Genres: Action, Shooter, Space/Universe
Language: English
Version: 1.1
Developer: John Rowlands
Publisher: Cestrian Software
Released: June 25, 2020
Space Required: 488.6mb

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